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NEW: Flat head resin, M20 Squid.

Great for chemical resistance, enquire for a free sample today.






Thermal Ribbons Australia (sydney) is a wholesaler of premium grade thermal transfer ribbons. Our thermal transfer ribbons are made from the best Japanese grades of thermal transfer film, including Ricoh, Fuji Copian, Union Chemicar and General, as well as China’s biggest and best manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons, Zhuoli.

We are a family owned business based in sydney and supply wholesale to resellers only.

We carry more than double the amount of stock lines than our competitors.

Our products include Australia's #1 selling ribbon, Ricoh B110A, Ricoh B110C and Fuji Copian FTX403, the leading near edge wax resin thermal transfer ribbon and forerunner of Armor APR600 and IIMAK NetmarkIQ.

We supply 14 different grades of thermal transfer ribbon and can make any ribbon for any thermal printer, including the Monarch 9800 series.

You want the best quality thermal transfer ribbons? We make them.

You want the lowest cost thermal transfer ribbon? We make them.

Why import from Singapore, Ireland, China and other remote places when we can supply all your needs at competitive prices and fast delivery?

Support your local businesses, it really is in your interest!

Experience the pleasure of dealing with a motivated, family owned business that puts long term business relationships before profits. Contact us today.

*Same day despatch for stock lines only and for orders received by 2:00pm EDST for sydney metro. Cut off for interstate 12:30pm EDST.


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